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4 things to think about before you remodel your kitchen.

Posted on January 4, 2018 in Kitchen, Remodeling

Kitchens are not one size fits all. R.J. Tilley understands that every family is unique and so is your kitchen. Our designers are experienced to help you create the perfect kitchen just for your family. Think about these 4 questions when designing your kitchen. 
Who cooks in the kitchen?
Are you the main cook or is it a family affair?
Is the reason multiple people are not in the kitchen at the same time because it’s to cramped? Is the layout unfriendly for multiple people?


#2 Do you entertain?  If so how much?

  Is your house the “go to house”  for Thanksgiving, Christmas or even the big game? Do you need more cabinets for the holiday platters or a bigger refrigerator for the leftovers?   

#3  Do you buy in bulk?
Do you need more storage cabinets or a new bigger pantry with more shelves and storage space?
#4 What type of cook are you?
Do you use every burner, stove and microwave and still need more appliances? Would it make life easier to have 2 ovens?  Do you need more counter space for chopping and creating your masterpiece recipe?
For more ideas about organizing and designing the perfect kitchen call our experienced, professional designers at R.J. Tilley. We can fix that!
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